Aubade • Data Authoring Framework

0.8.0 Changelog

What is Aubade?

Aubade is a data authoring framework for writing and organizing your content away from your code, designed to be flexible and adaptable with any frameworks. It helps you focus on writing your content by collocating your articles with their assets, and providing you with the necessary tools to turn them into a data source for your website.

Why separate content from code

As either of your content or code grows, it becomes harder to maintain with everything mixed up together without any structure, and tracking changes will be a nightmare at some point. Separating the content from the code allows you to have full focus on one of them at a time, without getting distracted by the other.

It will not only help the future you, but also your team and anyone who is going to work on the project. In addition, this will allow you to have a better workflow as both the content and code can be managed by its own team, respectively.

How it works

Aubade includes a markdown compiler with code syntax highlighting and built-in front matter parser that splits your markdown into two parts, body and metadata. The markdown compiler is powered by markdown-it and code syntax highlighter is powered by Shikiji. The front matter parser for the metadata is powered by a lightweight in-house implementation, which supports a minimal subset of YAML syntax and can be used as a standalone module.

Aubade only provides the necessary tools to help you with the initial layout and for you to create your own architecture and workflow, so you can have full control over your project. Simply start writing in a markdown file or use your existing markdown files and Aubade will help you easily turn them into a data source for your website.

aubade architecture