Getting Started

Aubade • Data Authoring Framework

0.9.0 Changelog

Start by installing Aubade from the npm registry

pnpm install aubade

If you’re using any code blocks in your markdown, make sure to include the stylesheets from /styles to your app, which you can do in either a JS file or a CSS file.

// process with JS bundler import 'aubade/styles/code.css';
/* process with CSS bundler */ @import 'aubade/styles/code.css';

Use the function from the /compass module to visit a file or traverse directories.

import { visit, traverse } from 'aubade/compass'; const article = visit(/* path to your file */); const data = traverse(/* entrypoint */).hydrate(/* callback */);

Add interactivity to the code blocks with hydrate from /browser module.

<script> import { hydrate } from 'aubade/browser'; </script> <main use:hydrate> <!-- content here --> </main>